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Blown PVC Shrink Film
  • Blown PVC Shrink Film
  • Blown PVC Shrink Film
  • Blown PVC Shrink Film
  • Blown PVC Shrink Film
  • Blown PVC Shrink Film
  • Blown PVC Shrink Film
  • Blown PVC Shrink Film
  • Blown PVC Shrink Film
  • Blown PVC Shrink Film
  • Blown PVC Shrink Film

Blown PVC Shrink Film

Usage: Beverage Bottle Packaging

Type: Shrink Label

Material: PVC

Model: PVC-1

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    Thickness range 30mic-70mic   
    Thickness tolerance ±10%
    Width Range 300mm-1000mm
    Surface tension ≥38mN/m 
    Tensile strength MD≥50Mpa(40mic)
    Elongation MD≥90%
    Shrinkage(100℃,30second) MD≤3%           
    Density 1.38g/cm³
    Storage Storage temperature below 25℃

    Blown PVC Shrink Film shrinkage curve-xinan

    Rich production experience and mature technology

    The product has been selling well in South America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia for many years

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Industry:Plastic bottle packaging.

Jiaxing Xin'an Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.

Jiaxing Xin'an Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008 and covers an area of 23000 square meters, a construction area of 24800 square meters. The registered capital of 30 million yuan, assets of 120 million yuan, specializing in the production of cast PVC shrink film and blown PVC shrink film. Our Blown PVC Shrink Film is not only supplied to domestic first-class brands and also sold to South America, the middle east and south east Asia, etc 20 countries for famous brand beverage packing film.

As Blown PVC Shrink Film Suppliers and Factory, the cast PVC shrink film produced by our company can solve the problems of poor straightness of PVC hot shrink film in the blow molding process, easy-to-run plate in high-speed printing, large thickness error, imbalance of product shrinkage rate, large automatic packaging loss, low yield and so on. The cast PVC shrink film produced by our company has high transparency, no water lines, no crystal points, no stripes, and a high transverse shrinkage rate.

Jiaxing Xin'an Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.

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Industry Related Introduction

Can Blown PVC shrink film be used for food packaging applications, and does it meet relevant safety standards?

Blown PVC shrink film can be used for food packaging applications, but it is essential to ensure that the specific film used meets relevant safety standards and regulations. PVC, in general, is not recommended for direct food contact applications due to concerns about potential migration of plasticizers and other additives into the food, especially in high-temperature conditions.

For food packaging purposes, it is often recommended to use food-grade shrink films that are specifically designed and certified for food contact. These films are made from materials that have been tested and approved by regulatory authorities for their safety in direct contact with food.

Polyolefin shrink films, which are an alternative to PVC shrink films, are commonly used for food packaging and are generally considered safer for this purpose. Polyolefin films do not contain chlorine or plasticizers, and they have a lower shrink temperature, reducing the risk of any potential issues with food safety. When selecting a shrink film for food packaging, it is crucial to check the film's specifications and certifications to ensure it complies with relevant safety standards set by regulatory bodies, such as the U.S.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States or the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in the European Union. These certifications provide assurance that the film is safe for direct contact with food and that it does not pose any health risks to consumers. If you are considering Blown PVC shrink film for food packaging, consult with your supplier or manufacturer to obtain information on the film's suitability for food contact and its compliance with the necessary safety regulations.

Alternatively, explore food-grade shrink film options, such as polyolefin films, that are explicitly designed and approved for food packaging applications.

How is the anti-tampering of Blown PVC shrink film realized?

The anti-tampering feature of Blown PVC shrink film is realized through the tight and secure fit it provides when wrapped around a product or package. When PVC shrink film is heated during the shrinking process, it conforms closely to the contours of the item it encapsulates. This close contact creates a sealed and snug package, making it difficult for unauthorized individuals to tamper with the contents without leaving visible evidence of tampering. Here's how the anti-tampering feature of PVC shrink film works:

1. Conformity: PVC shrink film shrinks around the product in a way that forms a second skin, adhering tightly to the shape of the item being packaged. Any attempt to open or tamper with the package will cause visible deformation or tearing of the film.

2. Seal Integrity: The heat-sealed edges of the PVC shrink film provide a secure seal, preventing easy access to the contents without breaking the seal. Tampering with the seal will be evident, as the film will be damaged or visibly altered.

3. Tamper-Evident Bands: In some cases, PVC shrink film can be designed with tamper-evident bands or perforations that show signs of tampering if they have been breached. These bands are often placed in strategic areas, such as the cap or lid of a bottle or container.

4. Security Printing: Additional security measures, such as security printing or holographic labels, can be incorporated into the PVC shrink film to enhance tamper resistance. These security features can be challenging to replicate and can act as visual indicators of tampering if altered.

5. Visual Inspection: The transparency and gloss of PVC shrink film allow for easy visual inspection of the package. Any signs of tampering, such as cuts, tears, or broken seals, can be quickly detected. 6. Regulatory Compliance: Some industries, especially those dealing with pharmaceuticals, food, or high-value goods, may have specific regulatory requirements for tamper-evident packaging. Using PVC shrink film that meets these industry standards ensures compliance and enhances product safety.

While Blown PVC shrink film provides anti-tampering benefits, it is important to note that it may not be sufficient as the sole security measure in some high-security applications. In such cases, additional security measures like security labels, holographic seals, or shrink bands with unique identifiers may be incorporated to enhance tamper resistance further. The combination of these features helps protect the packaged product and provides consumers with confidence in the integrity of the package.