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Cast PVC Shrink Film
  • Cast PVC Shrink Film
  • Cast PVC Shrink Film
  • Cast PVC Shrink Film
  • Cast PVC Shrink Film
  • Cast PVC Shrink Film
  • Cast PVC Shrink Film
  • Cast PVC Shrink Film
  • Cast PVC Shrink Film
  • Cast PVC Shrink Film
  • Cast PVC Shrink Film
  • Cast PVC Shrink Film
  • Cast PVC Shrink Film
  • Cast PVC Shrink Film
  • Cast PVC Shrink Film
  • Cast PVC Shrink Film

Cast PVC Shrink Film

Usage: Beverage Bottle Packaging

Type: Shrink Label

Material: PVC

Model: PVC-4

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    Thickness range 30mic-80mic   
    Thickness tolerance ±5%
    Width Range 300mm-1450mm
    Surface tension ≥38mN/m 
    Tensile strength MD≥50Mpa(40mic)
    Elongation MD≥90%
    Shrinkage(100℃,30second) MD≤5%           
    Density 1.34g/cm³
    Storage Storage temperature below 25℃

    Cast PVC shrink film shrinkage curve-xinan

    Rich production experience and mature technology

    The product has been selling well in South America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia for many years

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Industry:Plastic bottle packaging.

Jiaxing Xin'an Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.

Jiaxing Xin'an Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008 and covers an area of 23000 square meters, a construction area of 24800 square meters. The registered capital of 30 million yuan, assets of 120 million yuan, specializing in the production of cast PVC shrink film and blown PVC shrink film. Our Cast PVC Shrink Film is not only supplied to domestic first-class brands and also sold to South America, the middle east and south east Asia, etc 20 countries for famous brand beverage packing film.

As Cast PVC Shrink Film Suppliers and Factory, the cast PVC shrink film produced by our company can solve the problems of poor straightness of PVC hot shrink film in the blow molding process, easy-to-run plate in high-speed printing, large thickness error, imbalance of product shrinkage rate, large automatic packaging loss, low yield and so on. The cast PVC shrink film produced by our company has high transparency, no water lines, no crystal points, no stripes, and a high transverse shrinkage rate.

Jiaxing Xin'an Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.

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Industry Related Introduction

Why is Cast PVC Shrink Film stronger and more durable than other shrink films?

Cast PVC shrink film is stronger and more durable than other types of shrink films due to its unique manufacturing process and material properties. The key factors contributing to its enhanced strength and durability are:
1. Manufacturing Process: Cast PVC shrink film is manufactured using the "cast" process. In this method, the molten PVC is extruded through a flat die onto a polished, temperature-controlled casting drum. The film cools and solidifies quickly on the drum's surface, resulting in a film with consistent thickness and minimal orientation. This process imparts excellent tensile strength and tear resistance to the film.
2. Minimal Orientation: Unlike other types of shrink films, Cast PVC shrink film has minimal orientation. Orientation occurs when a film is stretched in both the machine direction (MD) and the transverse direction (TD) during the manufacturing process. High orientation can weaken the film, making it more prone to tearing. Since Cast PVC shrink film has limited orientation, it retains its original strength and resilience.
3. Strong Seal Strength: Cast PVC shrink film provides strong and reliable seals, ensuring the package remains intact and secure. The flat and consistent surface of the film allows for better contact during heat sealing, resulting in robust seals that resist opening or tampering.
4. Tear Resistance: The minimal orientation and high tensile strength of Cast PVC shrink film contribute to its excellent tear resistance. It can withstand the stresses of packaging and transportation without easily tearing or puncturing.
5. Memory Effect: Cast PVC shrink film has good memory, which means it tends to return to its original dimensions after shrinking. This memory effect allows the film to maintain its tight, conforming fit around the packaged item, providing enhanced protection and preventing the package from becoming loose or baggy.
6. Heat Stability: Cast PVC shrink film has good heat stability, enabling it to shrink uniformly and consistently at lower temperatures. This feature is particularly beneficial when packaging heat-sensitive products to prevent damage to the enclosed items.
7. Versatility: Cast PVC shrink film is suitable for a wide range of products, including those with irregular shapes or non-uniform sizes. Its strength and durability make it capable of packaging diverse items effectively.

Calendered PVC shrink film used for various packaging and wrapping applications where heat shrinkage is required

Calendered PVC shrink film is a type of shrink wrap film made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin that has been processed through a calendering manufacturing method. Calendering is a process in which the PVC material is passed through a series of rollers, heated, and then cooled to create a thin, flat, and uniform film. Calendered PVC shrink film finds applications in various industries due to its versatility, shrink properties, and cost-effectiveness. Some of the common applications of calendered PVC shrink film include:
Packaging: Calendered PVC shrink film is widely used for packaging purposes, including:
Food Packaging: It is used to package food products such as meat, cheese, and frozen foods. The film helps to extend the shelf life of the products and maintain their freshness.
Beverage Packaging: It is used to bundle and package beverage containers like bottles and cans, providing a secure and visually appealing packaging solution.
Consumer Goods: It is used to package a variety of consumer goods, including cosmetics, toiletries, cleaning products, and more.
Tamper-Evident Seals: Calendered PVC shrink film is an effective choice for creating tamper-evident seals on various products, ensuring that consumers can easily identify if a package has been opened or tampered with.
Retail Packaging: It is commonly used in the retail industry to package individual or grouped products. The film enhances the presentation of items on store shelves and allows for branding and product information to remain visible.
Promotional Packaging: Calendered PVC shrink film is used for promotional packaging, especially for limited-time or seasonal promotions. It can feature eye-catching graphics and designs to attract consumers.
Labeling: The film can be printed with labels, logos, and branding information and then applied to products. When heat is applied, the film shrinks around the product, creating a label that conforms to the shape of the item.
Multi-Packing: It is used to bundle multiple items together, making it easier to transport and display products. This is common in the beverage industry, where multipacks of bottles or cans are shrink-wrapped for sale.
Industrial Packaging: Calendered PVC shrink film can be used in industrial settings to protect and secure machinery parts, tools, and other equipment during storage or transport.
Printed Sleeves: It is used to create printed sleeves for various products, such as CDs, DVDs, and other media, providing both protection and a professional appearance.
Wrapping Gifts: In addition to commercial applications, calendered PVC shrink film is sometimes used for wrapping gifts, as it can create a neat and visually appealing package.
DIY and Crafts: Craft enthusiasts often use PVC shrink film for various DIY projects, such as creating custom ornaments, jewelry, and decorative items.